Kayak The Kwanza: June 2017 Updates

Film Festivals Below you can see our updated dashboard from Film Freeway, which is a great tool to submit to hundreds of film festivals and screenplay contests in one simple place. We were one of the 2017 Seven Summits Award Winners in the Mountain Film Festival (category: action sports), which is great publicity for The HALO Trust’s work […]

Kayak The Kwanza in 2017

It’s been a while since the last update. Alfy is now settling into his new job in Hong Kong and I’m gearing up to relocate to Madagascar in August 2017! Here’s a quick update on our plans for the next few months: Translating Film into Portuguese Some people over at the Voz da América – […]

Um mês na vida do “Kayak The Kwanza”: O que fizemos realmente?

Muito obrigado a Mario Pinho (https://twitter.com/maa_pinho) para a tradução! Desde a nossa volta à Luanda eu tenho vasculhado as filmagens da nossa viagem e pensei que gostariam de ver algumas imagens mostrando o que tramamos (e que estará no documentário). Tentei manter tudo em ordem cronológica. Dsculpem pela qualidade das imagens! No total navegamos 984,9Km. A […]

Angola expedition documentary is finally LIVE (watch it online or head to Luanda International School for the premiere)!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the 50 minute documentary film about our expedition can now be viewed either through our main website www.kayakthekwanza.com or by clicking the link below: For those of you in Luanda, you can watch the film on a cinema-sized screen in a proper theatre by attending the Kayak […]

Update on the documentary

On Friday 5 August I took the train from London down to Southampton to meet up with an old friend, Carl Treeby, who is an experienced film editor. Over the course of 48 hours he did an incredible job of putting together the first cut of our film, which came to 52 minutes run time. […]