Who is HALO?

Working to make Angola free of mines.

HALO is the oldest and largest humanitarian landmine clearance organization in the world, working in 16 countries and territories, including Angola.

Angola is heavily contaminated with landmines and explosive remnants, a legacy of the 27-year bitter conflict that ended in 2002 following independence from Portugal. During the conflict 1.9 million people faced famine and over million people were displaced. The fighting left a legacy of landmines and explosive remnants of war, which have, to date, cost thousands of lives with an estimated 80,000 injured.

HALO has been working in Angola for more than two decades. In recent years, funding reductions have forced it to cut back. As a result, rural communities that have already waited decades for mine clearance may now have to wait decades more, unless levels of the funding increase.

The length of the Kwanza river has been heavily mined and our trips along the river have given us an appreciation for the amazing work that HALO have done in clearing areas to allow people and animals to repopulate land, but also the restrictions that still remain in areas that have not been demined. This is why we are raising funding to support HALO’s work.