The Journey

Track us as we trek and paddle the 1,300km journey

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Throughout our trip in June / July 2016, supporters were able to track our location along the river using the map above. The map live-updated based on our GPS coordinates and indicated whether we are kayaking or trekking.

The Kwanza begins in the Bie Plateau, which is one of the great watersheds of Africa. This undulating landscape is the source of the Okavango, the Zambezi, the Cunene and a handful of other Angolan rivers. From its source 25 km north-east of Mumbwé village, the Kwanza winds its way along the Bie Plateau and gathers momentum before it turns west and drops 1,000m in 120km from Capanda to Dondo. The river continues west from Dondo until it comes out at the Atlantic ocean just south of the country’s capital, Luanda.