KTK update: links to stories about our trip plus Q&A with Oscar & Alfy

Hello All!

It’s been a really long time since I posted an update (apart from the Portuguese translation of our photo essay). I thought this might be a good opportunity to highlight what we’ve been up to.

Publications about our Kwanza expedition (so far)

taag-magazine-article-coverWe are still in discussions with a number of companies about distributing our documentary film, and I’m sure there are a few more magazines that will publish our story later in the year, but for now, here’s everything published about the trip that you can access:

Ardinian Magazine: Alfy and I were featured in the Summer 2016: Issue 40 of my old school magazine. In an interesting format, the story of our journey was told through all the Twitter updates we posted! You can download a PDF copy of the article via this link.

Austral Magazine: For those of you who have flown with Angolan national carrier TAAG recently, you may have spotted our story on pages 68 to 74 of their September/October in-flight magazine. You can download a PDF copy of the magazine via this link. Portuguese and English language versions.

Bradt Travel Guides: Admittedly published before we set out, but here’s a good Q&A article on the trip.

Los Locales Podcast: I did an interview with Weston Moody for his podcast just after completing the trip. Direct link to Soundcloud is here.

Luanda Nightlife: An article about our trip, written while we were out on the water, by this popular Angolan food and lifestyle website. Portuguese and English language versions.

Landmines in Africa: Our Q&A for the Landmines in Africa blog, before we started the expedition.

Rede Angola: A Portuguese-language article about our trip, written while we were on the river, by this Angolan news website.

The Cool Graduate: This was also published just before we set out, and in it we shamelessly encourage recent university graduates to follow in our irresponsible footsteps.

Universo Magazine: Our story is being published in Angolan state oil company Sonangol’s monthly magazine this October. When it comes out, you can read it online via their website, or email [email protected] to get a free hard copy posted to you! Portuguese and English language versions.

Q&A with Oscar & Alfy

1) What was the most difficult aspect of the trip for you?

Alfy: Trying to persuade the police that we weren’t diamond smugglers

Oscar: Staying calm while being forced to sit through a ridiculous interrogation in Malanje.

2) What did you find most surprising on the journey?

Alfy: That the Klepper could get fully submerged in a fishing dam and survive to complete the rest of the journey (albeit with some equally surprising metalwork skillfully carried out on one the more remote stretches of the river)

Oscar: That neither of us got Malaria or Dengue.

3) What did you enjoy most?

Alfy: Making a big fire at the end of the day. Also, the warm coffee in the morning.

Oscar: Definitely cooking dinner, even if it was chorizo and cous cous for the fifth night straight!

4) If you had to do the trip again, what would you do differently?

Alfy: Take a spare pair of boots for Oscar!

Oscar: Not lose my boots overboard on day 10…