Update on the documentary

On Friday 5 August I took the train from London down to Southampton to meet up with an old friend, Carl Treeby, who is an experienced film editor. Over the course of 48 hours he did an incredible job of putting together the first cut of our film, which came to 52 minutes run time.

Since returning to London I have been working on filling in the four day gap in our footage, caused by the confiscation of our camera gear during our detention. Carl and I both agreed that an animation was the way to go, so I have been learning how to use the GoAnimate platform, which is great! The team over there have also kindly offered us a discount on the website subscription given that this is a charity project. Below you can see a screenshot of one of our ridiculous animations. I hope Alfy agrees that his avatar bears a passing resemblance to him…

While we don’t have a definite release date yet, I imagine we will run some preview screenings to get feedback around August 15, then try and release the film as soon after that as possible. It will go straight up on YouTube, and will be free to watch.

We’ll keep you posted! In the mean time, here is the trailer: