Oscar Scafidi and Alfy Weston’s attempt to kayak 1,100 km from source to mouth of the Kwanza river in Angola has hit a snag as their 1960s German-made Klepper Kayak struck a dam in rapids near Kuito Bridge and sunk. After being stranded on an island in the river for several hours local fisherman came to their aide and got them safely ashore.

The duo are familiar with Angola, both having lived and worked there for several years which is where they met and decided upon this incredible adventure to raise funds for The Halo Trust to remove mines from farmland around Cuito Cuanavale in the South-East of the country. So far they have raised over £11,000; 166% of their target to free four thousand square metres of land from the danger of mines.

Despite loss of equipment, Oscar and Alfy are continuing their expedition with repairs due to take place on the recovered kayak over the next couple of days in Camacupa. The new expected finishing date is now 7th July.

The adventure can be followed via the following links:

Official website with videos, links and GPS tracker: http://kayakthekwanza.com/

Justgiving donation page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kayakthekwanza

Twitter: @kayakthekwanza

Facebook: fb.me/kayakthekwanza

Other enquiries please get in touch with Jonathan Scafidi: [email protected]